New PC and console studio Eschatology Entertainment raises $4M

Reportedly, the company will use the investment to work on a AAA narrative-driven FPS game.
Eschatology Entertainment logo over a teal background

The new PC and console studio, Eschatology Entertainment, has raised $4 million from The Games Fund and GEM Capital. Prominent names from the game industry with prior experience in companies such as Wargaming and Valve have formed the studio.

The Games Fund and GEM Capital have both invested $2 million in the studio. Eschatology Entertainment is currently working on a AAA narrative-driven FPS game for PC and console and will use the raised capital to improve the title further.

The studio describes its first title as “The story of a gunslinger who tries to make sense of who he is as he journeys through a world enveloped in hellfire and on the verge of destruction” on its official website.

CEO and Creative Director of Eschatology Entertainment, Fuad Kuliev, made comments about the formation of the new studio and the recent investments:

“It is a stroke of luck that brought together extremely talented developers and investors who can see potential in hardcore and narrative games. We all love the genre and are capable of creating innovative AAA products. In GEM Capital and The Games Fund, we have found reliable partners and like-minded professionals, and we look forward to creating a groundbreaking gaming franchise together.”

CEO and Creative Director Fuad Kuliev, Visual Director Viktor Antonov, CTO Dmytro Kostiukevych, and COO Boris Nikolaev form the Cyprus-based studio’s management team. Eschatology Entertainment already has 40 employees in eight different countries and is working in a remote setting.

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