New Tales game publishing studio launched by former Ubisoft & Blizzard employees

New Tales is looking forward to blending their fresh energy and overall experience.
new tales
The new studio has the talent to accomplish great things.

A new game studio, New Tales, has been created by collaborating veterans of different game studios, such as Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Vivendi, LucasArts, etc. The company is looking forward to offering “state of the art publishing services with a fresh twist & global scope,” according to its website.

Based in Paris, New Tales is led by CEO Cédric Maréchal, former International SVP at Activision Blizzard. Other notable names include COO Benoit Dufour, former International VP of Activision Blizzard; CCO Emmanuel Obert, former CCO of Blizzard and Ubisoft; and CGO Delphine Le Corre, former CGO of Blizzard and Vivendi. New Tales has a good roster of advisors with Kim and Ray Gresko, cofounders of Blue Silver and formerly of LucasArts and Blizzard respectively, and Julia Humphreys, formerly of Blizzard.

“Gaming has rarely seen such an exciting time, fuelled by tons of innovation and creativity. However, the frequency of new releases keeps rising rapidly, reinforcing the need for great international publishing. NEW TALES is a one-stop-shop publishing solution where we’re going to work with developers, as one united team, dedicated to maximizing success. We are also building our internal production capabilities to develop our own games and IPs. We are looking forward to joining forces with people who share our values and passion!”

Cédric Maréchal, CEO of New Tales
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