NG22 Spring is coming on May 17-20!

Nordic Game has announced the 21st edition of Europe’s leading Scandinavia-focused event.
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NG22 Spring is coming on May 17-20, 2022.

Nordic Game has announced the NG22 Spring. The event will take place May 17-20 in Malmö, Sweden. The event will also be available online.

Europe’s leading and the world’s only entirely Scandinavian gaming industry-focused event, NG22, will be held in Slagthuset. Nordic Game has been organizing events for the game industry for a long time, and NG22 Spring is the 21st of these events.

What’s in NG22 Spring?

A lot of content awaits the participants at NG22 Spring. Let’s list the opportunities, campaigns, and events in NG22 Spring.

Early Booking Advantage

Game studios, developers, publishers, and more will come together at NG22 Spring. There will be a buy-one-get-one-free offer on various ticket types at the Nordic Game event for a short time.

Developer Showcase

The Developer Showcase, which will be held as part of NG22, will offer developers and studios the opportunity to promote their games. During the showcase, with the contribution of AMD, developers will be given a chance to showcase their games for three days. Besides that, many other opportunities will be waiting for the developers.

NGDC Qualifying

The Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) will be on May 20 at NG22 Spring. Three projects that will be selected from those showcased at the Developer Showcase will present their play live on the NGDC stage and win a seat at the NGDC Season VI Grand Finals in November 2022.

Nordic Game Online Game Jam

Nordic Game Online Game Jam will be completed a few days before NG22 Spring. Game Jam winners will receive access to the presenter MeetToMatch on the NG22 Spring. Nordic Game Online Game Jam is open to everyone.

Developers and Publishers Will Meet

Developers and publishers will come together in NG22 Spring. Developers who want to take their projects to NG22 should submit their projects already. Nordic Game also invites all interested publishers to its event.

NG22 Spring Expo

One of the biggest advantages of NG22 is the NG22 Spring Expo. Many advantages await the participants at this fair. Developers get a chance to showcase their games, while publishers get a chance to find promising projects. NG22 Spring Expo is also an excellent opportunity for those organizing a group or country delegation for the Nordic Game.

Nordic Game Conversations

Many names from the game industry will take part in NG22 Spring. Throughout the event, experienced names will give speeches, old friends will meet, and new talents will have the chance to expand their networks. Nordic Game Conversations will provide participants with a vital flow of information.

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