Nomad Games is looking to expand into the field of development services

Nomad Games is looking to recruit more programmers and artists to help build in-house projects and expand their development services.
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Established in 2011 by the experienced members of THQ Warrington and Juice Games Limited, Nomad Games is a video games developer and publisher. The company is expanding its business to offer publishing services to niche developers and license holders of tabletop games. 

Nomad Games focuses on digital versions of tabletop games. The company is currently working on CATAN-Console Edition for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S and PlayStation 4/5, published by Dovetail Games and expected to be released in 2023. The company is seeking to recruit artists and programmers to expand their development services and help build in-house projects.

Don Whiteford, Managing Director at Nomad Games, said:

“We’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge in the games industry throughout the years that we’ve been working as a games studio. Seeing the huge demand for development skills out there, we wanted to make sure that other studios and publishers are aware of what we can offer. We’re excited to use our hard-earned experience to help make great projects even better.”

Nomad Games has completed many projects on console platforms, PC, and mobile. Its team has extensive experience handling licensed products and working with multiple development platforms, including Unity, Unreal, and C++. Their decade of experience in publishing also allows them to offer support for developing Live Ops and ongoing content.

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