Nordic Game Ventures co-founders talk about their plans

by Sercan Tahtalı
Nordic Game Ventures Co-founders

Nordic Game sat down last week with Nordic Game Ventures co-founders Timo Ylikangas, Erik Robertson, and Stefan Lindeberg to learn more about NGV and their plans for the future.

Here are some excerpts from the interview on the official Nordic Game site:

NG: NGV only invests in Nordic companies. What’s the reasoning behind that?


NGV: When you take on investors you want their money, their networks and their expertise. We’re not the greatest of experts on everything, but there is no-one in the Nordic games industry who does not know someone who already knows at least one of us personally.


So we have access and we have trust, and we certainly have some of that also outside the Nordics, but not uniquely so, like here at home.


Also, when you focus, why not focus on the world leaders? Only Canada can compete with us in how large a proportion of the workforce is devoted to making games.


NG: What’s the procedure if you’re interested in being invested in by NGV? Where do you start? What do you need to consider when applying?


NGV: It is very good to have a two or three-page pitch, clearly explaining the unique strengths of your first product or service, and the well thought-out way you’re bringing it to market, as well as why the team is ideally suited to do this. Tell us what you are offering, how much you wnat for it, and how you would use that money. Extra points may be given for reasoning about future products and how the competitors might react to your market entry.


And then you have one of those people that know us pass it to us with their recommendation. As a fall-back there is also an email address on our site.


NG: What are the future plans for NGV? Any upcoming and exciting news you can reveal here?


NGV: After this summer we will be raising a second larger 35MEUR fund, that will not only allow us to invest in 10-20 more companies, but also to follow-on in some later investment rounds.


It is important that we can invest more from the region to support our entrepreneurs and their companies’ growth longer, postponing the exits, because if more of the winnings remain here, they will be re-invested here, and if the jobs remain here, we all win.

If you want to read the full interview, you can check out Nordic Game’s official site.

What is Nordic Game Ventures?

It is an investment initiative that seeks to bring more capital investments to Nordic game developers and the game ecosystem. You can check the official site of Nordic Game Ventures to follow the developments and investments they have made.

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