launches mobile cloud platform

The future of mobile games is here. Mobile Cloud Mobile Cloud

California-based has launched a mobile cloud platform for game developers. will enable game developers to publish games directly to the cloud and help them solve many game developers’ challenges, including accessibility, shareability, and monetization.

Ten gaming companies currently use the platform, including Plarium, Nexon, Perfect World, Scopely, and Smilegate. CEO Rosen Sharma said in an interview with GamesBeat that this platform means that billions of people with low to mid-range smartphones can access high-performance games without lag or loss of resolution. Gamers also won’t have to choose between their favorite games and apps when it comes to storage. Mobile Cloud leverages Amazon Web Services and Arm servers on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Having a different strategy than xCloud (Microsoft), GeForce Now (Nvidia), Luna (Amazon), and Stadia (Google), aims to make PC and console games accessible from any device via cloud. said that today almost 40% of mobile phones can’t keep up with powerful games and 60% of smartphones in the global market are low or medium and unable to handle compute, storage, and performance-intensive games. By removing the friction previously associated with mobile gaming, it’s now possible to bring the next billion users to gaming. Sharma also made the following statements about

“ empowers mobile game developers to acquire the entire spectrum of new users that may be constrained by device and app store features. The mobile cloud democratizes access to mobile gaming by removing all the hassle and device requirements of a new gaming experience. This usher in a new era of unprecedented possibilities for game developers to acquire the next billion mobile gamers. The next-generation mobile game is here.” leverages Amazon Web Services and Arm servers on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). core team came from BlueStacks Mobile Cloud is actively working with ARM, AWS and Nvidia. started to be featured in 2017 and now continues to rise. shares a parent company with, the largest AI-powered mobile esports platform, and BlueStacks, the largest Android gaming platform for PCs and Macs.

“’s core team came from BlueStacks, which enables mobile games to be played on PCs and Macs,” Sharma said. “With the rapid adoption of BlueStacks, which has surpassed one billion downloads recently, there has been constant requests from game developers to develop a cloud-based solution and enable mobile gaming without downloads. In 2018, Amazon started deploying ARM servers, and’s core team got the opportunity to build a mobile cloud, but it needed a completely different technology stack.” is actively working with both game developers to provide support for native games in the next generation cloud system, and ARM, AWS, and Nvidia to create this next-generation cloud hardware.

Sharma added the following sentences:

“The quick feedback from customers has been incredible. We estimate that our customers have more mobile users on the game developers’ platform than any other cloud gaming service. We will announce the official figures in the August-September timeframe.”

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