One of the keys to open the Chinese gaming market is APPTUTTi

by Emre Can Kartal

The Chinese market is the biggest market in the world. Therefore most gaming companies try to open this market for themselves. APPTUTTi helps gaming companies in this goal. Now you can register with APPTUTTi and submit your game totally for free, which includes 1,000 words of free translation.

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What does APPTUTTi do for your company?

Looking for a way to enter the biggest market in the world? We’ve got the perfect solution! APPTUTTi is the first 24/7 online portal that enables app & game developers to launch their projects in China. We offer different and scale-able partnership options according to the needs and ambitions of developers.

If you want to have an initial feel for the Chinese market, start by Registering with APPTUTTi and Submitting your game totally for free, which includes 1000 words free translation.  Your project will be published in at least 3 top Chinese app stores!Have bigger ambitions and want your game(s) to be a big hit in the huge Chinese mobile gaming market? Partner up with APPTUTTi with their Premium service RSPP Max and get your game released across more than 20 app stores and secure your content with an IP certification and a Publishing License (mandatory for IAP apps and games).


Here’s all APPTUTTi can do for your game:


LOCALIZATION: Make your games compatible with the Chinese mobile markets. Free translation is available for the initial 1,000 words.

IP CERTIFICATE SERVICES: Our services include documentation preparation, registration application and monitoring the approval status until the release of official IP certification.

ISBN license: We create the documents including the official application form and the translated app introduction material in the officially required format for the whole registration application.

SDK: APPTUTTi’s SuperSDK Integration Services provide a quick and direct way to make your games compatible with the Chinese market. The scope of services includes source code study, actual SDK integration implementation, APK testing and final publishing.

-Enable social sharing in the game

-Enable billing in the game

-Generate APK(s) for local app stores in China


Other services we offer include:

-User acquisition, local marketing, optimization consultation, priority technical support. In our Deep Dive Customization Program (DDCP) this program is for the maximum collaboration between developers and APPTUTTi.

-Partner finance programme up to $20,000

Open the Chinese gaming market with APPTUTTi.


Why choose us? What sets us apart:


.APPTUTTi has worked with more than 5,000 partners to distribute their games in China.

.Wide range of partnered app stores – over 30 app stores under our umbrella.

.Unity Technologies trusted partner for game distribution in China.

.Withdraw your earnings any-time.

.24/7 in-real-time data monitoring on a vast spectrum of statistics and metrics from your games and users behaviour:

  • Users: New Users, Active Users, User Retention
  • Stores: Users by Stores
  • Geos: All Users, Active Users
  • Devices: Models, Resolution, OS, Connection Method, Broadband Operators, Mobile Operators.
  • Ads
  • Transactions: Transaction Data


We are an international team with offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Singapore. We believe that developers should be able to showcase their creations with ease in the world’s largest mobile market, China.

Once registered with our partner portal, developers may submit an unlimited number of projects and benefit from many of our free services.  Developers are also able to track the performance and status of their projects in real time, any-time, anywhere.

Over one billion mobile devices are waiting for your creations. The best way is to enter the top stores in China with APPTUTTi.


Watch the video to get more information:

You can contact us to make your company big in the Chinese market.

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