OP Games announces partnership with YGG SEA

YGG SEA, a subsidiary of blockchain gaming guild Yield Guild Games, and open source technology company OP Games will promote Web3 games in Southeast Asia.
YGG SEA partnered with OP Games
Together, OP Games and YGG SEA will bring new games to Web3.

With the introduction of Web3 games into our lives, we started to encounter Gaming Guilds, which were formed by the players coming together. Unlike traditional gaming guilds, these new communities have begun to offer new ways of making money to their players and the companies they cooperate with. This caused game guilds to evolve into decentralized companies over time.

Yield Guild Games (YGG), one of the most well-known game guilds, has made agreements with many Web3 game studios. While YGG members added value to the new Web3 games as active users, players found new opportunities to earn money thanks to the opportunities offered by the guilds to their participants. As a result of the growing growth of YGG, new subsidiaries were established. YGG SEA became the first DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) established under the umbrella of YGG.

Recently, OP Games and YGG SEA announced a new partnership. OP Games, which produces open source technologies, plans to develop new Web3 games with the support of YGG SEA. Also, through this partnership, Web3 games will be introduced to more people in Southeast Asia, the main target region of YGG SEA.

As part of the partnership, special NFTs and crypto items will be given to YGG SEA members in Web3 games to be developed by OP Games. In this way, while OP Games will gain new players, YGG SEA members will have the chance to earn more income from new Web3 games.

To celebrate the partnership, a gaming event will be held in Arcadia from June 3-5. The prize pool of the event, called Games Night, will feature 3000 USDC and various NFTs.

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