Outfit7 plants 30,000 trees for Earth Day

Outfit7 wants to raise awareness and contribute to nature by using the power of Talking Tom.
Talking-Tom-Gold-Run-Earth-Day-event (1)
Trees will be planted with Talking Tom Gold Run revenues during the event.

Outfit7 today announced its commitment to help plant at least 30,000 trees during the celebration of Earth Day. As part of the project, an event will be held in the company’s popular runner game, Talking Tom Gold Run, and the proceeds of this event will be used for tree planting.

Called Go & Grow, the event aims to raise awareness about the importance of trees to the planet’s overall health. Players will run for their in-game tree during the event and collect “droplets” for them. Thus, players will also win various in-game rewards.

Outfit7 CEO Xinyu Qian talks about the project:

“Our commitment to giving back and helping our communities is at the heart of our culture at Outfit7. Last year, we helped build a playground, plant trees following a wildfire in Cyprus, host a coding school for children, and more. Our Earth Day campaign this year is another great activation in which we can use the power of our brand to make a positive impact where it is truly needed.”

Outfit7 is collaborating with the nonprofit One Tree Planted for the event. The organization aims to plant one tree for every dollar donated as part of its global reforestation efforts. In addition to donations, the proceeds of Talking Tom Gold Run’s in-game purchases will also be donated to One Tree Planted.

The Grow & Go event will take place from April 20 to May 2. Talking Tom Gold Run can be downloaded for free from mobile app stores.

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