Overwolf acquires Tebex

In-game content and add-on creation platform Overwolf announced acquiring Tebex for $29 million.
Tebex allows monetization from private game servers.

Overwolf has announced a new acquisition. Known as the “mod” platform, Overwolf offers a variety of services and highly professional development kits for the development of in-game content and add-ons.

Tebex, which Overwolf bought for $29 million, was founded in 2011 and initially served as an add-on to monetize Minecraft servers. It then grew by adding various famous and playable games on community servers alongside Minecraft to its portfolio. Today Tebex serves as a “server monetization” company.

After the acquisition, it was announced that Tebex would continue its operations independently. Lee McNeil, Managing Director of Tebex, said:

“From the moment we first met the team at Overwolf, it was apparent of their dedication to the UGC market and ensuring creators get paid for their hard work. Joining Overwolf enables Tebex to expand its offerings to more game servers, publishers and, more importantly, allows us to further grow the communities of our existing game servers.”

Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf, added:

“Tebex shares in our unwavering commitment of identifying ways to support gaming communities and game studios who want to empower in-game creators that create content on top of their games. As long-time champions of in-game app creators and mod authors, we are excited to work with a new creator category — server owners — to continue to build new experiences in the industry.”

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