Pan Africa Gaming Group aims to bring one billion new players to the gaming world

Pan Africa Gaming Group, which was established by the gathering of 10 companies, aims to bring 1 billion new players to the industry.
Pan Africa Gaming Group
Pan Africa Gaming Group brings together 10 companies for 1 billion new players.

Pan Africa Gaming Group was started with ten companies coming together to grow Africa‘s game industry with billions of gamers.

The group of 10 game studios introduced themselves at the Africa Games Week 2022 event held in Cape Town, South Africa. The group is looking to double the African game industry every year to take advantage of the rapid growth of young people with internet-connected smartphones across the continent.

None of the companies are large enough to compete with global players or individually bear the cost of educating the market. The studios that came together under one roof as PAGG stated that they would have significant advantages such as scale, skill variety, and access to capital that they could not achieve individually.

Representing 10 African countries, the group includes the following studios;

  • South Africa – Sea Monster
  • Senegal – Kayfo Games
  • Cameroon – Kiro’o Games
  • Ghana – Leti Arts
  • Tunisia – Digital Mania
  • Ethiopia – Qene Games
  • Kenya – Usiku Games
  • Tanzania – Khanga Rue
  • Rwanda – DopeApps
  • African Diaspora – Messeka Games

PAGG will be led by a council that unites many of the continent’s best gaming entrepreneurs. Peter Kihara, the Group Chief Financial Officer, and Jake Manion, the Group Creative Director, will be joined.

Each studio will maintain its autonomy on branding, leadership, and financial independence. The founders, working jointly, will vote on the proposals and resolutions brought to the council, either positively or negatively.

Dawit Abraham, CEO of Qene Games (Ethiopia) and spokesperson for PAGG, said the network was established to enable the African Game Industry to bring billions of gamers to the world.

Abraham made the following statement in his statement;

“Together, we represent over 200 professionals and eight different languages. Our team has over 30 years of experience, leading some of the top gaming companies globally, including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Aardman Animation. We have produced more mobile, PC and console games than anyone else on the continent. Most importantly, all of our network members are committed to #GamingForGood, harnessing the power of gamification to create a positive social impact in our local communities.”

The group develops and publishes content that can be associated with African gamers. According to Manion, despite the large audience growing on the continent, there is still very little local content in Africa.

PAGG equips and trains Africa’s next generation of game developers to extend these efforts into the future, creating new jobs for youth across the continent. For example, the Nairobi Game Development Center is working on training, incubating and hosting the next generation of talent.

PAGG has more than a hundred games available. Using the power of gamification, the group creates fun ways to solve some of the continent’s challenges, including health, education, women’s empowerment, and climate change.

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