Panteon receives 10 million dollars of investment

The 4X strategy game comes from the Panteon.

Mobile game developer Panteon; In the process of financing the new mobile strategy game in the 4X genre, Teknasyon’s Founding Partners Mustafa Vardalı received an investment of 10 million dollars from Burak Sağlık and Mustafa Sevinç. Panteon, which will establish a new team for the strategy game it will expand and develop with this fund, will continue to develop hyper-casual games simultaneously with a separate team.

ODTU TEKNOKENT company Panteon, which has grown 3 times in 2020, is known for its successful hyper-casual games that it has delivered to more than 100 million players, especially Home Restoration, which has taken a successful place in world lists with more than 50 million downloads. Panteon’s Founding Partner Ufuk Şahin has successful experiences on Turkey’s first browser-based strategy game Savasim (2004) and strategy games played by many people such as ODS (2006) and Son Savaş (2008).

The new game that Panteon will develop with the funds it provides will be in the 4X strategy type.


Browser-based strategy games, which were very popular in the past, have left their place in today’s mobile 4X strategy games with the spread and strength of mobile devices. According to the data of 2020; These games, which make up one-third of the Mid Core game market, grew by 31 percent compared to last year. The fact that the audience, acquainted with the game world with the hyper-casual genre, prefers 4X strategy types as they get older plays an important role in this. In current games of this type, players try to establish their own kingdoms by building their own cities and armies and fighting tens of thousands of players. Competition in the genre with successful examples such as Rise of Kingdoms and State of Survival is increasing day by day.

Panteon’s Co-Founder Ufuk Şahin said the following about the new game they will develop and the funding they have received:

“We are very excited about the new game we will develop in the 4X strategy genre. The story of the game will be supported by mythological elements and will take place in the Middle Ages. In the beginning, new kingdoms and heroes will be added to our game, which will include 3 kingdoms and more than 20 heroes. We aim to complete the first version in 2 years. The experienced team of 42 people will also be the Lead Game Designer of one of the 10 most successful 4X strategy games in the world. In addition, we will produce some of the artistic content of the game within the framework of cooperation with studios abroad. While the game is in the testing phase, we will raise an additional $20 million in funding for the marketing of the game and increase the total project budget to $30 million. We have a 6-month preparation period to start the project. We will also need talented and experienced new teammates who want their names to be involved in such a project.”

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