Panteon’s Airport Master reaches 10 million downloads

The game reached 5 million downloads back in late July and now crossed another milestone.
Panteon's Airport Master characters celebrating 10 million downloads

Ankara-based video game studio Panteon celebrates 10 million downloads of its hit game, Airport Master. The Turkish studio’s game generated most of its downloads from England, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, France, Germany, and the USA.

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The Turkish studio stands out with other known hit games such as Trading Master, Sling Plane, Mobu, Mobu 2, and Home Restoration.

Airport Master has the players in the manager seat of an airport and lets them hire employees, arrange flights and make sure the airport is a successfully run business. The game’s core mechanic is collecting in-game currency by completing tasks and then investing them back in managing your airport.

You can improve passenger satisfaction and happiness by opening new shops at the airport. The game also allows you to upgrade your planes, seats, airport security, and your food court to grow your business.

The Ankara-based Turkish studio received a $10 million investment back in July 2021 and has been kicking strong since.

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