Picus Capital invested 1 million dollars in Web3 technology platform Nefta

The investment will be used to accelerate the growth of Web3 games.
Nefta Platform
Nefta offers various technologies for Web3 games.

Nefta announced it had received a $1 million investment from Picus Capital. As a technology platform, Nefta offers various services for Web3 games at every stage, from development to scale.

Nefta is currently working on Web3 games with multiple developer studios. The company says it will use the investment to expand its team and developer studio portfolio. Nefta’s platform offers all services for the development, publishing, and scaling stages together.

The company was founded by game industry veterans Geeshan Willink, Fernando Pernica, and Kai Goldmann. The founders have a long history in the game industry, as well as finance and advertising technologies. Combining this experience gained in various sectors, the team aims to make Web3 games a part of the mainstream game industry.

Geeshan Willink, CEO and Co-Founder of Nefta, says:

“With extensive experience in creating Web2 & Web3 games, we’ve designed Nefta as the perfect toolbox to develop, launch and grow Web3 games. We’re delighted to announce the investment support from Picus Capital to further accelerate developer time-to-market and adoption of Web3 gaming. By removing the jargon and providing industry-leading end-to-end solutions, we aim to assist developers with scaling quickly in the space.”

Daniel Niklas, Investor at Picus Capital, adds:

“We firmly believe that gaming represents one of the most promising and impactful gateways for users into the Web3 ecosystem. We are proud to back the Nefta team in their mission to provide gaming studios with easy-to-implement and robust infrastructure toolkits and serve as a key driver for larger Web3 adoption.”

Web3 games have started appearing in our lives in the last few years, and some have seen significant growth. Some reports indicate that blockchain games grew nearly 20 times in 2021. Although this growth has been subject to various criticisms, Web3 games are now a part of our lives.

On the other hand, Web3 games are still not considered to be among the mainstream games. Players in many parts of the world have not yet met with blockchain games. That’s why Nefta set out to bring player engagement, property rights, and monetization opportunities to wider audiences.

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