Pikmin Bloom earned $473,000 with 2 million downloads

Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom, reached 2 million downloads and generated $473.000 revenue since its launch.
pikmin bloom
Pikmin Bloom, ilk 2 haftasında 2 milyon indirmeyi aşmayı başardı.

Pikmin Bloom, developed by Niantic, has reached more than two million downloads in the two weeks since its launch date.

The game has recorded revenue of $473,000 since its global release on the App Store and Google Play, according to Sensor Tower data. Japan led these numbers with 864,000 downloads (43 percent of the total number of downloads), with the USA in second place and the UK in third place.

In the light of these data, Japan ranks first in-game spending with $252,000 followed by the USA, then by Canada.

Considering that Niantic’s previous game, Pokémon Go, had more than 75 million downloads and $116.4 million in revenue in its first two weeks, Pikmin Bloom seems to have lagged behind.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite, another Niantic game, was downloaded 12.4 million times and earned $8 million in its first two weeks.

Niantic announces that Wizards Unite will be shut down on January 31, 2022, despite these earnings and downloads. It is a matter of curiosity what action will be taken by Niantic about Pikmin Bloom.

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