Plarium acquires Finnish mobile studio Futureplay

Plarium aims to strengthen casual games with the new purchase.
plarium bought futureplay

With more than 390 million mid-core mobile and PC players, Plarium Games aims to expand into the ‘casual’ category by acquiring Finland’s mobile game studio Futureplay. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of August.

Tel Aviv CEO of Israel-based Plarium, Aviram Steinhart, said in an email to GamesBeat that the acquisition will make a strong addition to the company’s studio portfolio and help diversify the company’s game categories. Steinhart made the following comments:

“What we found at Futureplay is a group of impressively talented and experienced developers who share a similar vision to ours in a segment that complements ours. Plarium’s ten years of experience in mid-core games and Futureplay’s innate understanding of casual games are interconnected. We will be able to combine different areas of expertise, strengths, and strengths to bring new games to our engaged fan bases.”

Futureplay's latest game: Merge Gardens
Futureplay’s latest game: Merge Gardens

Both companies will be sharing their knowledge, expertise, and resources with each other to grow and develop Futureplay’s casual game catalog. Futureplay has already released six games played by over 140 million users and has 2.1 million followers on its social media and community channels. Steinhart said that as developers, Plarium is seeing more and more integration of casual elements in mid-core games, so working with Futureplay is an excellent development.

Futureplay CEO Jami Laes said in a statement that the collaboration will help improve the company’s existing games and bring new offerings to gamers, and continued:

“Beyond resources and talent, Plarium shares a similar vision of maintaining a creative development environment where business growth has never hindered our passion for game creation.”

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