Playstack and Laser Dog partnered, and a new micro-studio launched called Playstack

Experienced developers of award-winning game studio Laser Dog have joined Playstack Leeds.
Award-winning Laser Dog game: Alone
Laser Dog received an award in the independent game category with its Alone game.

Playstack and Laser Dog, which have previously established partnerships, have announced a new partnership. Publisher Playstack and game developer Laser Dog came together to form Playstack Leeds.

Playstack Leeds will operate under the umbrella of Playstack as an organization in the micro-studio category. As part of the deal, Laser Dog founders Simon Renshaw and Rob Allison joined Playstack. The duo will continue their game development activities at Playstack Leeds.

Simon Renshaw is an experienced game designer and artist. Rob Allison is a successful programmer as well as a musician. These talents allowed Laser Dog to develop mobile games such as Pktball, Don’t Grind, Hopiko and Alone. Pktball and Alone productions won awards in the independent game category.

Laser Dog founders Simon Renshaw and Rob Allison
Simon Renshaw and Rob Allison

London-based Playstack is a publisher with 23 games in its portfolio. Playstack and Laser Dog formed another partnership in 2017 and released Ava Airbourne and 2 Grind 2 Furious.

Playstack CEO Harvey Elliott said:

“We’re so happy to welcome Rob and Simon to Playstack as full-time members of our team, and delighted to launch our first micro-studio Playstack Leeds. One of our core goals is to enable developers to focus on their passion for creating great games. Simon and Rob have already brought their boundless energy to Playstack showing a passion for creating, crafting, and shaping a new wave of games for our line-up. They bring so much joy to players and we cannot wait to work with them more and more.”

Laser Dog founders Simon and Rob added:

“Before we met Playstack, we were finding it difficult to focus on doing what we truly love, developing unique and quirky fun games. There are only two of us at Laser Dog and we found the day-to-day of running a studio a bit overwhelming, but with Playstack’s help, now we have the freedom to spend our time on creating the games we want to make.”

Laser Dog, which achieved significant success with only two people, now has the resources of Playstack. After a while, we can see the creative and artistic games of Playstack Leed in the app stores.

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