PlayStation 5 sales reach 20 million worldwide

Sony says they’re working endlessly to make sure PlayStation 5 will be available for everyone.
PlayStation 5 and controller
Sony ensures fans the company will ramp-up the production this year.

Sony PlayStation 5 sales reached 20 million units worldwide, despite suffering multiple setbacks during the pandemic.

The company acknowledges not every fan could get their hands on the console due to chip shortages and other issues related to the global pandemic and ensured they are planning on a significant ramp-up in PS5 production this year.

The game industry giant announced in the 2021 financial report that it sold 19.3 million units, the number was below Sony’s expectations, but the company updated its goals since then. In all fairness, if it wasn’t for the chip shortage PlayStation 5 would most likely hit its sales goal, given how it took just 82 minutes for the console to sell 80,000 units, meanwhile, PlayStation 4 took nine whole days to reach the number.

Veronica Rogers the SVP, Head of Global Sales and Operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment spoke to and said the following about the milestone they reached and the production of more units:

“We are thrilled to share that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has sold more than 20 million PlayStation 5 consoles globally. Since PS5’s launch, our teams have worked tirelessly to deliver a truly next-gen gaming console that has won the world over and we want to take this time to thank the fans for their support. Your passion for the PlayStation brand is what drives us and what inspires us to innovate new technology, engineer the future of gaming, and continue creating the best place to play.”

“To those fans who have yet to get their hands on a console, please know that we are planning on a significant ramp-up in PS5 production this year and we are working endlessly to make sure that PlayStation 5 is available for everyone who wants one.”

Not too long ago, Sony shared some more good news for their fans revealing that they intend to make $300 million from PC games in 2022, meaning more PS exclusive titles will come to PC. The PlayStation bosses also announced Insomniac’s Spider-Man and the standalone expansion Miles Morales are coming to PC at the Summer Games Fest 2022.

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