Playtika hires Jacob Mendel for his blockchain expertise

Jacob Mendel led the blockchain initiative at J.P Morgan and Intel.
jacob mendel hiring
Playtika keeps enhancing its administrative team.

Israel-based digital entertainment company Playtika has announced its new vice president of blockchain technology, Dr. Jacob Mendel.

Mendel is known for his expertise in blockchain technologies. He had worked at Intel and J.P.

Jacob’s expertise will help Playtika explore the growth opportunities in GameFi and Web industry.

“I am delighted to be joining the exceptional team at Playtika and bring to bear my two-plus decades of experience leading advanced blockchain and cybersecurity projects. Playtika has a proven, unique expertise in creating sophisticated technology in its products and day-to-day operations. I am excited to join this team and expand Playtika’s reach into Web3.0 and GameFi.”

Jacob Mendel.

Eric Rapps, Playtika CSO, said the following about the arrival of Jacob Mendel:

“Web 3.0 represents a disruptive new wave of commerce, product, and community engagement, and we believe best-in-class expertise in blockchain technology will be a key determinant of the ultimate winners in this new frontier. We are excited to continue our technology leadership as we look to expand into Web3.0, starting with GameFi, a natural extension of our mobile gaming business. I am thrilled to have Dr. Mendel, one of the world’s leading experts in blockchain technology and cybersecurity, join our team to lead this new growth initiative.”

Eric Rapps, Playtika CSO.

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