Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital will start on September 14!

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital Helsinki 2020 heyecanı yaklaşıyor.
Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital
Steel Media brings the spirit of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki conference to digital!

Steel Media brings the spirit of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki conference to digital!

While the coronavirus (Covid-19) effect continues to rage around the world, many events have moved online. Steel Media, on the other hand, organized two online events called Pocket Gamer Connects Digital to meet the needs of the game world in this challenging period. The Steel Media team is now hosting a new online event called Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital!

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital will start on September 14

Steel Media, which has been physically hosting Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki for years, will be hosting it online this time on September 14.

Here is the announcement of the Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital event:

We’ve been hosting Pocket Gamer Connects conferences in Helsinki for many years now, but unfortunately the global situation in 2020 has prompted us to take this conference online in September too, making this our third such digital event.


Don’t worry! We can’t replace all of the benefits of a live conference, but the event will distil as much of the content and spirit as we can from our traditional Helsinki events you have come to know and love over the last few years.


That means expert talks and panels, a new meeting platform (we’re using MeetToMatch now, with built-in video conferencing), digital versions of Big Indie Pitches and fringe events like Investor Connector, and a few more surprises too.


We’re also running our partner event, Blockchain Gamer LIVE! Digital at the same time. With six tracks about the distributed tech that has the potential to distrupt the games industry, it’s the perfect addition for the blockchain curious. Attendees to each event will have full access to the other.


We’re expecting over 1500 attendees to take part over the week from across the world, meaning whichever event is your focus, you’ll encounter the same mix of developers, publishers, tool-makers, monetisation experts and investors, as at our biggest live events. Indeed we’d expect even more diversity, as those who may not typically travel can join in. Rest assured we’ll do what we can to foreground and celebrate the best of Finland as we traditionally do at this time of year.


We’ll be broadcasting and recording conference content, with talks from over 230 speakers across 21 themed tracks. Suffice to say, there are multiple sponsorship opportunities, from branding to tracks, and many other ways to get involved.

So you can learn from leading global experts, connect with developers, publishers, investors, tool-makers, monetisation companies and more – all without leaving the home or office!

Get your tickets now!

If you are interested, you can buy the ticket for PGC Helsinki Digital starting today! To do that, click here, and don’t forget to use the MobidictumHSK20 discount for being one of our precious readers! Of course, you might prefer an IRL event, we all do, but 2020 hasn’t been kind to us. Networking is an essential part of the games business; that’s why we advise you to attend the digital event.

The Mid-Term discount offer ends at midnight this Thursday, get your ticket before the offer ends!

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