Portuma and Happy Crab sign a new deal

A new agreement has been signed between Portuma, the in-game advertising platform, and Happy Crab, which has more than 50 million downloads in 177 countries.
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Happy Crab will use Portuma’s in-game ad technology.

A new company has been added to the companies Portuma has signed an agreement. An agreement was signed between Portuma and Happy Crab. Happy Crab was founded by two young female entrepreneurs and develops software, coding, artificial intelligence techniques, and games and applications, including rental advertising spaces and token integration.

Setting out with the goal of bringing game developers and advertisers together on a single platform, Portuma continues its activities to achieve this goal. The agreement between Portuma and Happy Crab was announced as follows:

“We signed an agreement with Happy Crab game studio to rent advertising spaces and token integration! Another game studio has taken a step towards creating additional income with Portuma. We are very happy to have this partnership with Portuma, which offers many advantages to game developers.”

Happy Crab develops different games for 177 countries in 44 different languages. The game studio, established in Bilişim Vadisi, is one of the important studios representing Turkey on the global technology scene. In addition, Happy Crab has more than 50 million downloads and many active players.

A deal was made between Portuma and Happy Crab.

Happy Crab Project Manager Havva Nur Solhan and Founder Şevval Solhan explain their studios and goals as follows:

“As two women entrepreneurs under the name of Happy Crab Game Studio, we established our joint-stock company in the valley of informatics in September 2020. Seeing the shortcomings in the game industry, especially in simulation-style games, we have succeeded in making innovative and sustainable games that the user wants. We reached 177 countries with more than 30 games that received more than 50 million downloads. We have carried out R&D studies in the industry with futuristic approaches to keep the user in the games. In this process, we also registered two trademarks. We had six people in our team during the establishment period, three women and three men. Over time, we started to grow our team. In this process, we have seen and overcome the difficulties in teamwork in the game industry. We developed our road maps and had the opportunity to share our experiences in many channels.

We currently have a team of 14 people. We have a system based entirely on domestic and domestic production. We carry out graphic design, modeling, artificial intelligence, game development, publishing, advertisement analysis, and marketing works within our own structure. Before deciding on this venture, we had been playing games for years and followed the industry closely. Since we aimed to hear about the lack of women in the industry and the increase in women’s initiatives, we always progressed step by step and were open to supporting. Our future plan is to produce games with the right strategies so that the games we dream of as a team take place in the international market and to be one of the big Turkish companies in the game industry that will represent our country. With our young and dynamic team, we are rapidly advancing towards this goal every day with the experience and partnerships we have gained from many types of games in which we have tried and succeeded.”

Portuma produces alternative solutions for the advertising revenues of game studios. In this way, ads are skillfully placed in games without disturbing the player experience. Thus, a profitable ecosystem is created for both the player and the advertiser. Mesut Numanoğlu, Co-Founder of Portuma, made the following statement on the subject:

“As Portuma, we are happy to be the first and only in the in-game advertising industry in Turkey. We are very happy to create an alternative income to the advertising income of game studios. We believe that as the revenues of game studios increase, their production will also increase. We quickly started our integrations with local and global game studios in this context. As of today, we can show in-game ads to more than 55 million users in 177 countries. We are happy to include Happy Crab, one of Turkey’s important game studios, as a business partnership and to serve the Turkish game ecosystem.”

In-game advertising technology is one of the issues that will play an essential role in the advertising industry’s future. With this system, which can be used instead of many disturbing advertisement alternatives, various advertisements can be placed in the game world. For example, your character in the game may encounter an ad on a roadside sign while walking in the open world. Since such ads are integrated into the game’s natural flow, they do not affect the game experience adversely. Users can enjoy their games, and advertisers can easily reach their potential customers.

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