Potato Play gets $500k to take Asian games global


Potato Play, the Singapore-based mobile games publisher announced that it got $500k in a round of funding led by Play Ventures. The company will use the funding to grow its marketing and product management team. Although that’s not all, its going to expand partnership development in China, South Korea, and Vietnam. Potato Play has a combined 50 years of experience. Founders are ex-members of Microsoft Game Studios, Digital Chocolate, King, and Gameloft.

Potato Play published more than 20 games in less than a year

Their published games also reached over 10 million downloads with hits like Merge Quest, Crossing Gaps and Pocket Racing. Potato Play’s CEO Vincent Low said the following in a statement:

Asian games are dominating global top charts – more than half of the top 10 revenue grossing mobile games are made by established Asian developers. But startup studios in Asia face steep challenges in marketing and monetizing them, even in their home countries. Potato Play’s mission is to turn these gems into worldwide hits, using our expertise in product management and performance marketing.

Potato Plays MergequestHenric Suuronen, Founding Partner at Play Ventures, says, “We’re excited to back Potato Play. The team has the winning combination of world-class product development and publishing experience, and a strong network of Asia’s most talented gamemakers.”

Who are they?

The Singapore-based publisher helps mobile games by Asian developers attain global success. With a full pipeline of over 20 new games evaluated every month, Potato Play is looking to scale its success to the next level with this round of funding.  “The team is ready to use our experience to help more Asian game developers take their games to the top of the global charts.” says co-founder, Kingsley Joseph. That’s not all the funding news for this month, lately, Roblox secured $150m in funds as well.

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