PUBG: Mobile hackers to pay Tencent and Krafton $10 million

A hacking group that produces cheats for PUBG: Mobile will pay Tencent and Krafton $10 million in compensation.
Krafton Tencent hacking case
Tencent and Krafton won the $10 million lawsuit against the cheaters.

US and German courts have ruled in favor of Tencent and Krafton against a hacking group. Members of the hacking group have been found to create and distribute cheats to give users an unfair advantage in PUBG: Mobile.

The cheating group will pay the developers $10 million in compensation. In addition, defendants were ordered to stop future illegal activities related to cheating in games and disclose information about collaborators and details of the methods used to exploit the game.

Tencent and Krafton stated that all funds from the decision would further develop anti-cheat systems within PUBG: Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Producer Rick Li gave the following words in his speech:

“Millions of players worldwide enjoy PUBG Mobile and we will ensure a level playing field for everyone, Sadly, the actions of hacker groups undermine the fairness of the game. These Judgements send a clear message that we will not tolerate cheating in PUBG: Mobile.”

Minu Lee, Head of PUBG Mobile Production Management, added:

“This legal victory bolsters our collective commitment to fiercely protect our games, PUBG IP and global community. Fun and fairness is the bedrock of the PUBG Mobile experience and cheating in any form will not be tolerated. As such, we will continue enforcing our IP rights with unwavering resolve against any who seek to tarnish or misuse them.”

Firms noted that this win is a victory over the creators of illegal cheats.

Also, PUBG: Mobile recently activated the device ban feature, where the security team can detect users who are intentionally cheating and, after review, can permanently ban them from playing the game or creating a separate account on that device.

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