PUBG: New State partners with Bugatti Rimac

Krafton has partnered with Bugatti Rimac for an electric car to fit its futuristic concept.
PUBG: New State Bugatti Rimac
Krafton has partnered with super sports car manufacturer Bugatti Rimac.

PUBG: New State developer Krafton has announced that it has partnered with famous automaker Bugatti Rimac to bring Rimac Nevera to the game.

The partnership marks PUBG: New State’s first major collaboration since its release on November 11, 2021. The game garnered over 40 million downloads and over $2.6 million in player spending in its first week.

Rimac Nevera will be available in the next update of PUBG: New State, which will be released later this month. Additionally, a limited Rimac chest containing special in-game items will also be available to users.

PUBG:New State Executive Producer Minkyu Park commented on the partnership:

“We are extremely excited to announce our first collaboration and it is truly an honor to have Bugatti-Rimac, an innovative and iconic car brand, with us to kick start the new year. This is a landmark collaboration for us and adding the Rimac Nevera to the game will help electrify the game’s fun, intensity and experiences for our fans.”

Bugatti Rimac Senior Marketing Specialist Ela Buljat added:

“We are excited to collaborate with one of the world’s most popular gaming companies. When they initially told us about their futuristic in-game concept, it was a no-brainer; Rimac Nevera perfectly fits that kind of digital environment. We look forward to reading reviews from their community and organizing online and offline activities in the upcoming months. It feels like a successful long-term partnership with great results for both sides.”

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