Rainmaker Games launches a blockchain NFT marketplace

Cross-chain NFT trading is getting easier. Rainmaker supports users with its guides and new platform.
Rainmaker NFT market
Rainmaker Games facilitates cross-chain NFT trading.

Play-to-earn gaming platform Rainmaker Games has announced that it has launched its new NFT marketplace. Cross-chain blockchain items and NFTs can be traded in this marketplace.

Rainmaker previously closed a $6.5 million investment round with support from blockchain giants such as CoinFund, Polygon Studios, and Animoca Brands. This investment enabled Rainmaker to expand its portfolio as a play-to-earn gaming platform and strengthen its activities in the Web3 space.

The NFT market has attracted attention with its incredible profitability rates in the last year. Gamers have not yet fully embraced blockchain and play-to-earn games. Despite this, the NFT market, which can be considered very new, has managed to create a unique audience. The number of NFT tradable platforms has increased, and developers have started to develop more Web3 games.

Despite the growth of the NFT market, the number of platforms that can be traded cross-chain is relatively less. An NFT can generally be traded on whichever blockchain technology it uses. For example, selling a Solana-based NFT on Polygon markets isn’t always easy.

Rainmaker’s new NFT marketplace allows cross-chain trading to solve this problem. NFT holders can now make broader investments without being tied to a single blockchain. In addition, a system will make it possible to discover new NFTs in the Rainmaker NFT market. Additional services, such as detailed guides and support on how to trade, will also be offered.

Cryptocurrencies have been going through tough times for a while. Rainmaker CEO Will Deane sees this as the start of a new era. The volatility of the markets and the current situation seem to lead to stability in the long run. As in every stock market system, cryptocurrencies go through bear and bull periods.

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