Ready Player Me receives 13 million dollars of investment

The goal of the platform is to provide users with unique and customized avatars across the entire metaverse.
Player Ready Me avatar Platform
Player Ready Me wants to become the default avatar system.

Wolf3D has announced that they have closed a series of funding rounds for their metaverse avatar platform, Ready Player Me. The investment round was led by Taavet+Sten, the firm led by Wise Co-Founder, and Sten Tamkivi, Teleport Co-Founder.

Player Ready Me has raised $13 million from its investment round. Other investors in the fundraising include Konvoy Ventures, NordicNinja, and Tom Preston-Werner, co-founder of Github. The goal of the Metaverse platform is to provide users with unique and customized avatars across the entire metaverse. Users can create and customize their own avatars from scratch or any image they wish. These created avatars can be used in more than 900 applications and games. Ready Player Me will use the funds it collects to create the default avatar system for the metaverse and solidify its place in the industry.

Timmu Tõke, CEO of Ready Player Me, said in a statement:

“2021 has been a breakout year for Ready Player Me – our avatar platform adoption has grown from 25 to 900 companies. By giving people avatars that travel across virtual worlds, we can make the metaverse more connected. The metaverse is not one place or platform, it’s a network of thousands of experiences. With the funding, we will scale our partner network further and will build out monetization tools for developers to help them make money with avatar customization assets and NFT’s. Our goal is to become the default system for the metaverse.”

The company also plans to create wearable NFTs for avatars in the future. Along with wearables and virtual fashion, the metaverse is designed to become an entirely social environment. Player Ready Me has also previously formed partnerships for various NFT collections. They set their own goals with the experience they gained here, and now they get to work.

One of the investors, Konvoy Ventures, used the following statements in a written statement:

“Today, game and app developers leverage RPM for the easy to use avatar platform tools. The integration is simple and enables developers to focus more of their efforts on core gameplay and app mechanics. RPM is free to use, supports full and partial body avatars, enables creating  avatars from user photos, allows for 500+ customizations (skin, hair, eyes, etc), and is cross-platform compatible (iOS, Android, Unity, Unreal, WebGL); a true plug-and-play avatar solution. In the future, RPM will also offer the ability for games and apps to monetize premium avatar assets offered to their users, automating a core revenue stream for many games today. As the network of apps and the playerbase using RPM avatars continues to grow, the platform will only become more valuable to everyone involved.”

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