Renny Harlin and Daljit DJ Parmar launch a new gaming company and announce their first NFT game

“Extending the world of my films into an immersive, interactive space for audiences has long been a dream of mine, so kicking off the launch of DLE with Carrier is incredibly exciting,” said Harlin. “
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The mobile first-person shooter game Carrier will feature 20,000 unique and weapon and character NFTs.

Director Renny Harlin and his Extraordinary Entertainment business partner, Daljit DJ Parmar, have announced the formation of their new gaming company: Distributed Ledger Entertainment (DLE). Harlin and Parmar have assembled a high-profile team of executives for DLE. The group includes CEO Ryan Ozonian, co-founder of the mobile gaming company Mention Mobile; Chief Advisor Michael Yeates, the creator of one of the top blockchain games Alien Worlds; Chief of Strategy Boyko Draganov, who was a senior executive at best-in-class eCommerce companies such as Alibaba and Zalando, and Chief of Marketing Rob Perryman known for marketing campaigns for Nike, Levis, Coca-Cola, and Gucci.

Carrier, DLE’s first game, is based on Harlin’s upcoming film of the same name starring Kate Bosworth, Ron Perlman, and Lin Shaye. Carrier is an innovative play-to-earn game that combines interactive mobile gaming with intellectual property from world-class films powered by blockchain technology. The DLE executive suite Ozonian, Yeates, and Draganov oversee the game’s creative production.

The mobile first-person shooter game Carrier will feature 20,000 unique and weapon and character NFTs, which have all been created by DLE’s in-house team of NFT artists and game designers, led by Emmy Award-nominee Kory Jones. DLE is launching the sale of the weapon and character NFTs later this month.

Survivors of a zombie apocalypse in the game Carrier must eradicate the Carriers, armed with a smartphone. By establishing a unique identity and collecting the exclusive NFTs, the game will reward users for killing each Carrier with Zombie tokens.

“Extending the world of my films into an immersive, interactive space for audiences has long been a dream of mine, so kicking off the launch of DLE with Carrier is incredibly exciting. We’ve assembled an A-team of tech leaders to combine emerging technologies with thrilling storytelling and can’t wait for players to see the results.”

Renny Harlin.

DLE has also collaborated with Bored Ape Yacht Club by acquiring a rare Bored Ape 1509 NFT with a zombie quality to be featured as “Survivor 1” of the game’s zombie apocalypse.

“By creating an advanced communal ecosystem for gamers, combined with fair tokenomics, DLE will enhance how we interact with the films we love and the games we play. The biggest debate right now about NFTs is what’s their real value. It all comes down to resale value, so providing NFT owners with a way to leverage and monetize their popular and valuable NFTs in gameplay will strengthen the crypto community.”

Daljit DJ Parmar.
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