New research finds vast potential in the Saudi game development market

Game Developers Survey by Nine66 reveals critical information on Saudi Arabian game studios.
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Savvy Games Group subsidiary Nine66 has announced the launch of its first-of-its-kind Game Developers Survey. The company provides tools and services such as skills development, network, publishing, and capital to the games industry.

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According to Nine66, this survey is the first to provide insight into Saudi Arabian game development studios and their ecosystem. The company states that the MENA region has almost as many gamers as Europe (377 million vs. 386 million) and is the fastest-growing domestic market. Key takeaways from the report are as follows:

  • Game studios in Saudi Arabia have almost doubled (13 to 24) in 2022, thanks to incubator programs.
  • 84% of participants state that they have collaborated with other local developers during their careers.
  • Participants forecast the free-to-play model is the future of gaming.
  • Developers have funding problems as a cause of studios in the region being relatively young and unproven.
  • Currently, the most critical concern for local developers is financial help and recruitment.

CEO of Nine66, Kadri Harma, had some comments about the report:

“This is the most in-depth study of the Saudi Arabian game development community ever undertaken. MENA is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world for games, and Saudi Arabia has huge potential with a young, highly educated, and talented workforce.”

“The report shines a much-needed light on the opportunities and challenges ahead. One of our first tasks at Nine66 has been to truly understand the background and nature of the KSA landscape so that we can focus on improving the needs and priorities that will foster a world-class development community. This survey contains many valuable insights and will be a key element in directing our efforts in the future.”

Based on the survey results and expertise, Nine66 is reportedly fostering future initiatives and growth throughout MENA. The 62-page research contains much more essential information about the region’s current and future situation. You can access the report here.

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