Riot Games donate $1.5M to coronavirus relief efforts

Riot Games

Riot Games and its co-founders donate $1.5 million to coronavirus relief organizations. According to The Wrap, the studio behind League of Legends, the PC’s most popular game is donating $500,000. Its co-founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merril are donating $500,000 each. Furthermore, 400K of the money will go to the Los Angeles Food Bank while 200K will go to the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles. This will the cost of healthcare, senior meals, and other similar people who may need help.

LA mayor commented about Riot Games’ donation

In a press conference, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti said the following:

We are blessed here in LA to have industries that not only fuel our city but our country and our world’s economy. Gaming is one of those industries, and one of the leaders in that space is Riot Games. They’re based right here in our city. Today that company and its founders are donating more than $800,000 to local non-profits. Including $200,000 to the Mayor’s Fund to support whatever is needed for COVID-19 relief.

Riot Games

He also added: “On top of that financial contribution, Riot Games is working to secure critical personal equipment for hospitals. Like much-needed masks to protect our front-line doctors and nurses”. Last month, the studio’s most popular game was the most grossing game for the month on PC, according to Super Data. This is really great, we at Mobidictum thank Riot Games for its efforts.

More gaming companies are donating

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has affected all of us, that’s why many video games companies are donating. Earlier today, Tencent launched a $100 million anti-pandemic global fund to fight the virus. Many other companies are participating such as CD Project RED that donated $1 million to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, an organization that raises money to purchase medical equipment. Ndemic Creations donated $250,000 towards relief efforts. Also, the streamer Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja has given $150,000.

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