Rival Games is the latest victim to COVID-19

Rival Games, the creators of Alien: Blackout and The Detail shuts down its doors due to COVID-19. The pandemic affected all the industries worldwide including our beloved gaming industry. This caused game delays and cancellation of big events and putting a lot of publishing deals on hold. In a sad post on the studio’s blog, Jukka Laakso, the CEO of the studio talked about “The End  of an Era” and announced the devastating news.

COVID-19 pandemic disrupted potential partnership opportunities

Rival Games had a tough year. Especially when the Universal shifted it’s business strategies and cancelled the AA shooter game deal. This injured the studio, in the post, Laakso said the following:

In short, all the shenanigans for a great, innovative game and a good business structure for the project. That even would’ve allowed us to pay back the loans. We were months in the pre-development when, almost a year ago, the worst possible happened: Universal had a major business strategy shift across their portfolio, shutting our project down in a moment’s notice. We were coming up on a milestone that contractually allowed them to shut it down fast.

Rival Games

Though Universal tried to help Rival Games find another publisher, things didn’t work out. The CEO of Rival Games was still feeling optimistic about the potential partnership opportunities and publisher negotiations going on at the beginning of this year. However, COVID-19 crisis started and it shut down all the leads that and they were left “in the dark”.

The end of Rival Games

At the end of the emotional letter, Laakso thanked his team and everyone who worked/supported Rival Games through the year. On a side note, Thief of Thieves: Season One and Alien: Blackout will remain in stores normally but The Detail will be removed from Steam and App Store. We at Mobidictum wish the best of luck for Laakso and the studio’s team.

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