Sandsoft Games, a MENA publisher launches today!

Today a new publisher enters the video games industry. Let’s all welcome Sandsoft Games, a video game publisher, and developer aiming to bring entertainment to MENA players. The new studio wants to cement the region’s position as a global market leader. Also, it wants to bring games to MENA that “truly embrace the culture”. Ajlan & Bros Group, one of the largest private sector companies in the region is backing the newly established company.

MENA market has the highest rate of growth

Based on the press release, the MENA market has seen twenty-five percent annual revenue growth. This makes it the highest rate of growth for video games globally. Furthermore, the team expects games revenue to reach $4.8 billion this year and $6 billion by 2021. Although the games market is increasing quickly, the Middle East is still considered an emerging market. Sandsoft Games’ goal is to change that and to shape the ecosystem by incorporating international and local expertise. Sandsoft will offer full publishing services across mobile, PC, console, including User Acquisition, Marketing, and Localization. The team has offices in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and China and also offers work from home opportunities.

Sandsoft Games
Mo Fadl, the CEO of the company.

Mo Fadl who has over 16 years in publishing and worked with many different giants like Riot Games, NCSoft, Blizzard, and Wargaming will lead Sandsoft Games.  In the press release, Mo Fadl said the following:

MENA has for a long time been an emerging market. There are a number of prominent titles that have been localized for the region but what I’ve often found is the region is an afterthought and products are only translated even though we know just how hungry MENA players are for new gaming experiences. It has always been my ambition to push the gaming scene further in MENA. I believe all gamers should be offered the best possible entertainment experience and my goal is to build a team who will help to achieve this for MENA. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of Sandsoft, this is my lifelong passion.

Sandsoft Games is looking for experts

The team is looking for new people. You can apply for the job by sending your CV to [email protected] or you can apply through LinkedIn. Lastly, congratulations from all of us at Mobidictum!

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