Sanlo and Legends of Learning team up to support educational games

The duo will launch a pool of non-dilutive capital for educational game studios.
Legends of Learning and Sanlo logos over a light orange background

The fintech startup Sanlo and educational platform Legends of Learning have partnered up to support the development of educational games aimed at students and teachers. Sanlo operates as a company that helps game and app developers scale with a full suite of financial tools, insights, and non-dilutive capital.

On the flip side of the partnership, Legends of Learning works to provide educators with fun, engaging, and productive learning environments through research-driven, curriculum-based games. This collaboration will launch an independent capital pool that will assist game developers.

Developers from the Legends of Learning community will be able to benefit from the capital pool of $100.000. Sanlo will achieve its goal of keeping game developers financially and creatively independent. The community’s developers will receive support for their development costs, allowing them to build more games on the platform.

Developers will contribute to Legends of Learning’s already significant library of over 2,000 curriculum-aligned math and science games without losing equity in their projects. Co-Founder and CEO of Sanlo, Olya Caliujnaia, shared thoughts about the partnership:

“We wholeheartedly support Legends of Learning’s commitment to producing varied and high-quality games that foster classroom engagement and multi-subject mastery, underpinned by national and state-specific curriculum standards.”

“Both students and teachers benefit from imaginative avenues into education, and developers must be provided with a comprehensive suite of financial tools that allow them to fully execute their projects. As a parent myself, I’m incredibly excited about this partnership as it gives us as Sanlo an opportunity to contribute to improving learning experiences across the country.”

Vadim Polikov, Legends of Learning Founder and CEO, also added some comments:

“Sanlo’s non-dilutive financing solves a critical pain point for game studios building for Legends of Learning and other game platforms. With this pool of capital, we can attract higher-quality game studios and reward high-performing studios currently on our platform so that they can build games that delight our students and teachers.”

“Even a small payment upfront can offset the critical expenses of a top-notch creative team, which could mean the difference between an average game and a beautifully designed, highly-rated learning game. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with Sanlo.”

Sanlo has been expanding on its inter-platform partnerships. In July, the company collaborated with the blockchain developer platform Stardust. More recently, in September, Sanlo partnered up with Layer to help developers with the IP costs for their games.

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