Savage Game Studios raises $4.4 million in funding

Savage Game Studios
Savage Game Studios raises $4.4 million.

Savage Game Studios has raised $4.4 million investment to open two mobile game studios in Helsinki and Berlin. The company is currently working on the first mobile shooter game.

Savage Game Studios to use funds for new shooter game

Savage Game Studio, which is expected to enter the mobile shooter market, raised $4.4 million in funding. According to reports, the company used the funds to open two studios, one in Berlin and one in Helsinki.

The investment was managed by the Makers Fund with the participation of Play Ventures. Play Ventures led a previously unannounced pre-seed financial tour. Participants also included the Mobile Dev Memo Syndicate and Joakim Achren‘s game investment unions.

Apart from these names, former Unity Technologies vice president Jussi Laakkonen and Tactile Games CEO Asbjoern Soendergaard also supported Savage Game Studios.

Founded by Michail Katkoff last summer, the studio has a team that specializes in free-to-play and AAA games. The 10-person team consists of a staff that has previously worked at companies such as Rockstar, Wargaming, Rovio and Next Games.

“All of the shooter games, have focused on competitive fast-paced gameplay.”

Savage Game Studios will use the funds in developing its first shooter game for mobile devices. The investment will carry this project to the production phase in order to launch it in selected markets later this year.

All of the shooter games, since the start of battle royale boom in 2018, have focused on competitive fast-paced gameplay,” said Katkoff.

We see there is an opening for games that offer an opportunity to play with others and have rewarding sessions without the high pressure of a player-versus-player environment.”

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