Scopely invests $20 million in Burlingame Studios

Scopely invested 20 million dollars in Burlingame Studios, which aims to develop casual games.
Burlingame Studios received a $20 million investment to develop casual games.

Scopely announced a new investment. Burlingame Studios, founded by the experienced names of the casual game industry, received an investment of 20 million dollars from Scopely. Burlingame Studios said it has a team of 20 to thirty people and plans to develop casual games.

Burlingame Studios is made up of industry veterans, many of whom have graduated from Glu and CrowdStar. One of these studios, CrowdStar, is especially known for its Design Home game.

Los Angeles-based Scopely has made many investments recently. While trying to expand its own scale, the company continues its investments. For example, Scopely acquired GSN Games from Sony for $1 billion last October.

Chris McGill, CEO of Burlingame Studios, said they see Scopely as an important partner and added:

“Like with Design Home, we’re making apps that have game mechanics, and they’re targeted at people who don’t consider themselves to be gamers. We think that we’re actually expanding the gaming pie rather than fighting for the finite amount of people who consider themselves to be gamers.”

As McGill’s statement suggests, Burlingame Studios is considering developing hybrid products that mix games and applications. California-based Burlingame’s team also includes members from as diverse as Guatemala and Argentina. The company wants to realize its vision by using this diversity, the experience of its team, and the investment it has received.

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