Scuti and Reality Gaming Group announced a partnership

Scuti and Reality Gaming Group partner to deliver NFT marketplace through Scuti’s gCommerce platform.
Scuti and Reality Gaming Group announced a partnership
Scuti and Reality Gaming Group announced a partnership

Scuti.AI (Scuti) and Reality Gaming Group (RGG) have today announced a partnership that will allow game developers and publishers to tap directly into huge consumer demand for NFTs through the Scuti ‘gCommerce’ SDK, giving players the ability to own, sell and trade digital assets.

As the world’s first gCommerce platform, Scuti offers a completely seamless player experience and the potential for all game makers to tap into two enormous new markets (gCommerce and NFTs) through one SDK designed to monetize and improve every player’s experience.

The partnership with RGG will see Scuti-enabled games reach new heights, optimizing player engagement and retention through the deployment of bespoke NFT marketplaces.

These marketplaces, powered by RGG’s Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform, will enable players to buy in-game assets with full, true digital ownership for the very first time, all without ever leaving their games, thanks to the power of the blockchain.

Tony Pearce, Co-Founder of Reality Gaming Group, said:

“This partnership with Scuti is the start of a wider paradigm shift for the games market. Scuti’s unique position as an in-lobby, cross-platform marketplace is perfectly suited to take advantage of blockchain technology, where will we see eCommerce, real-world items and tokenized, in-game assets begin to interact with each other like never

Nicholas Longano, CEO of Scuti, said:

“Ultimately, each player’s experience with their game will become more enduring. We are excited to combine RGG’s expertise in blockchain and NFT marketplaces with Scuti’s gCommerce platform. This partnership will lead to the creation of brand-new revenue streams for all game makers, enhanced game experiences for players, and the seamless participation by brands, all through one SDK.”

About Reality Gaming Group

Reality Gaming Group develops innovative games and marketplaces that combine the best of traditional gaming with new technology based on the blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We’re currently working on NFT based trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart and mobile AR shooter, Reality Clash.  The Reality Gaming Group development team has more than 20 years of experience across Mobile, PC, Console, AR, and VR games platforms.

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About Scuti.AI LLC

Scuti is the world’s first gamer marketplace accessed across any connected game. Scuti‘s personalized, AI-driven marketplace gamifies shopping through product curation and an extensive rewards system for players. Scuti was formed by leading video game makers who designed this new platform to provide game makers with the most lucrative incremental revenue streams, while providing players with exciting new rewards which they can use to enhance their game experience, without players ever leaving their game or interfering with the actual play experience.

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