Season Pass system was used in half of the most money-making mobile games

The Season Pass method came at the beginning of the common monetization methods of the most profitable games worldwide.
The Season Pass method is one of the common points of the most revenue-generating games.

Sensor Tower researched the top paying games and monetization methods. According to the report, Ad Removal was the most widely used method. On the other hand, the common monetization mechanic of the most revenue-generating games was determined as the Season Pass.

In the mobile game world, various mechanics are used to generating income. Let’s explain some of these mechanics for a better understanding of the report:

  • Ad Removal: The mechanic in which ads are removed from the game if the player pays money. It is used very widely.
  • Gacha: Box, chest, etc. It is the system where game items are obtained by opening them. When the player pays money, they receive random in-game content.
  • Season Pass: It is a system that offers various rewards to players in a specific period. When players buy the season pass by paying money, they gain access to the prizes during the current “season.” On the other hand, users must continue to play the game to receive all of the rewards in the season pass. Usually, the rewards on the season pass are one-time and difficult to reclaim if the opportunity is missed.
  • Subscription: It is a subscription method. The user has to pay regularly to play the game or access the service.
  • Live Ops: It means live operations. Different types of events are organized in the game. These activities aim to allow users to spend money in various ways.

Fortnite from Epic Games has been discussed for a long time with its high revenues. After Fortnite, the Season Pass system gradually spread. This mechanic peaked along with Tencent’s PUBG Mobile and miHoYo’s Genshin Impact.

PUBG Mobile has been at the top of the revenue charts for a long time.

PUBG Mobile is at the top of the list with $2.9 billion in revenue. It is followed closely by Honor of Kings with $2.8 billion, and Genshin Impact is in third place with $1.9 billion.

The Season Pass system is mainly used successfully in game genres called mid-core. On the other hand, casual games such as Candy Crush from King and Homescapes and Gardenscapes from Playrix are now using this feature.

Crypto mining system integrates into games

With crypto mining, blockchain, and NFTs, several changes occur in the mobile gaming world. These new monetization methods are now integrated into some games. Blockchain technologies are in demand because they can enable both the developer and the player to make money. According to the Sensor Tower report, titles such as Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Thetan Arena, and MIR4 are among the games that use these systems.

The use of blockchain and NFTs in games is increasing.

The future of NFTs is still a matter of debate. On the other hand, many new NFT and play-to-earn games are emerging as these discussions continue. Some of the older games are researching to switch to these systems. Traditional game companies such as Ubisoft and Sega are evaluating these new systems, and another big company such as Zynga is taking steps in this regard.

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