Sega has registered a trademark for the term “Sega NFT” despite backlash

Japanese gaming and entertainment giant Sega takes NFT steps despite the potential backlash.
SEGA NFT- Sega Classics NFT Collection
Sega registered its new brands for NFTs.

Japanese gaming and entertainment giant Sega has registered two brand names related to NFTs. The names “Sega NFT” and “Sega Classics NFT Collection” were registered by the company with the Japanese Patent Office.

Recently, Sega announced that it would review its NFT plans in line with some reactions, especially from Sonic fans. This was not a firm decision. Sega started investigations regarding the objections and said that it would determine the course of the issue according to the results of these investigations. There is new news from Sega regarding NFTs.

Sega continues to work on NFT while considering the potential harms of NFT and the reaction of fans. Sega has registered two new trademarks: Sega NFT and Sega Classics NFT Collection.

These statements came amid the discontinuation of NFT studies regarding the backlash. The CEO of the company, Haruki Satomi, stated that the NFT studies would be reviewed as follows:

“We need to carefully assess many things such as how we can mitigate the negative elements, how much we can introduce this within the Japanese regulation, what will be accepted and what will not be by the users. There have been many announcements about this already including at overseas but there are users who show negative reactions at this point.”

After these trademark registration news, new discussions on the subject flare-up. It is already possible to say that some fans will not welcome this. On the other hand, giant companies are getting involved one by one in the intense interest of the technology world in blockchain and NFT technology. It was highly appreciated that Sega took into account the reactions from the fans. With the new NFT news, it is wondered what Sega will do about NFTs.

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