Sensor Tower released its Data Digest for Q1 2021

by Aysu Burak
Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower has recently launched its Data Digest for Q1 2021, which offers a deep dive into the global mobile app ecosystem and analyses how the top apps, publishers, categories and markets performed in the first quarter.

It is stated by Sensor Tower that consumer habits have been changing constantly due to pandemic and some categories, like Finance, has been lifting continuously while other categories have been going back to pre-pandemic levels.

If you’d like, you can get the full report here.

First-time installs of mobile apps keep climbing

According to Sensor Tower’s research, the overall number of mobile apps that have been installed for the first time grew 5.2% in Q1 2021. However, on App Store’s side, first-time app installs declined 8 percent from 9.2 billion to approximately 8.5 billion. The reason for this is because China has started to normalize life again after the burst of COVID-19 and numbers has started to go back to pre-COVID level.

As a natural result of COVID-19, more and more people started to get interested in stock trading and cryptocurrency each day. The numbers show that increased attention for stock trading apps plus skyrocketing cryptocurrency prices created record demand for finance apps. In this category for both U.S. and Europe, it looks like some investing and cryptocurrency apps like Robinhood, Coinbase, Binance and Pi Network performed really well during Q1 2021.

Q1 2021 US Finance Apps by Growth

Q1 2021 U.S. Finance Apps by Growth


Q1 2021 Europe Finance Apps by Growth

Q1 2021 Europe Finance Apps by Growth

What are the changes on the game category?

First-time installs of mobile games grew 5 percent Y/Y last quarter, reaching more than 14 billion across both stores. While the numbers went up by 13 percent to 11.8 billion on Google Play Store, the total amount of first-time installs of mobile apps on App Store went down by 23 percent to 2.3 billion compared to last year’s first quarter. However, it looks like this decrease came from non-game installs on the App Store.

The most-downloaded mobile in Q1 2021 was Join Clash 3D that released by Supersonic Studios. The list is followed by Among Us as second place, which recently launched new in-game content that may prolong consumer interest. Third and fourth place were Phone Case DIY by Crazy Labs and DOP 2 by SayGames. Finally, Garena Free Fire completes as #5 in the list of top 5 games worldwide for Q1 2021 by downloads.

q1 2021 top game downloads chart

The chart of Q1 2021’s top downloaded games.

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