Fractal launches the ‘Sign In with Fractal’ service acts as a crypto wallet for Web3 gamers

With Sign In with Fractal, players will be able to access their Web3 assets in one place.
Sign In with Fractal announced.

Blockchain games platform Fractal has announced its “Sign In with Fractal” service, making it easy for Web3 players to integrate their crypto wallets into games. The new service will act as a wallet for Web3 players.

Fractal is a platform where you can discover blockchain games and buy and sell game NFTs. Justin Kan, Co-Founder of Twitch, is also the Co-Founder of Fractal. The company is expanding its services for Web3 games day by day.

Sign In with Fractal allows you to register and log in to the games that Fractal has a contract with one click. You can also collect the crypto assets and game NFTs of the games in the fractal portfolio in one place with this system. Thus, players do not need another platform or wallet to log in to a new Web3 game and manage their crypto assets.

With this system, which we can also call a kind of “Fractal ID,” players will be able to participate in tournaments and game events organized by Fractal. Justin Kan said in an interview with GamesBeat:

“We’ve created a cryptocurrency wallet that solves some of the problems that game developers have with building Web3 games. We’re trying to onboard the mass market, the majority of non-crypto users who are playing games. The wallet is a big fall-off point.”

As Kan stated, this new system also provides some advantages to game developers. Developers who integrate the Sign In with Fractal system into their games will not have to spend time on infrastructures related to crypto wallets. Many required services will be provided by Fractal.

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