Career in Games #1: From Simulation to Gaming

At our Mobidictum Career in Games event, we discussed many issues related to the industry. Veysi İşler from Simsoft shared her experiences about her journey in the industry at our event.
Veysi İşler simsoft
Veysi İşler talks about a journey from simulation to the game industry.

As Mobidictum, we held our first Career in Games event! In our event, we hosted very valuable names and discussed many issues related to the industry. Veysi İşler was our other guest at the event, where we had many valuable guests. With the title “From simulation to the game industry”, İşler talked about her sectoral journey and shared tips about the industry.

Veysi İşler has a successful academic career. He worked in the computer engineering department at METU for many years. He also has expertise in computer graphics. He is currently the founding partner of Simsoft and is also actively involved in the game industry.

Simsoft is a software company working on modeling and simulation. Veysi İşler founded Simsoft in 2006 with his students. The company currently has branches in various parts of Turkey. The company provides titles such as simulator systems, games, simulators, visual systems, and defense. According to İşler, close to half of the company’s customers are from the defense industry.

Simsoft, which produces many outputs from vehicle simulators to military simulators, meticulously combines software and hardware. Most of the simulators it makes are used for the training of personnel in various fields. Our speaker emphasizes that the time factor is significant for simulations and states that they should be real-time.

It is possible to say that the games are pretty similar to the simulators. Veysi İşler gives an example on the subject:

“One of the first things we did was a convoy simulator. In this simulator, seven different vehicles move in the same virtual environment and see each other. Due to the simulation, the soldiers in the convoy must be careful about the ambush and dangers they may encounter. From this point of view, this simulation is also a war game.”

It is possible to say that the simulations offer a game experience much more realistically due to their unique features. Of course, a game may not be used as a simulation, but a simulation can be turned into a game after the necessary procedures are done. The fact that the simulations have a much more realistic and deep structure here is a positive feature against the games. At the same time, it should be said that there are games developed in the “simulation” category and offer a more realistic experience compared to other games. Of course, this experience is rarely as close to reality as in a simulation.

Veysi İşler states that they use their own infrastructure while developing these simulations:

“We benefited from the infrastructures we developed in all of these simulations. For example, we did not use engines such as Unity. Sometimes we used OpenGL infrastructure for rendering, and sometimes we used DirectX-based C++ infrastructures that we developed ourselves. In this way, we have an infrastructure that we have developed for 15 years. Thanks to these infrastructures, we are able to respond to the needs of customers very quickly.”

Serious engineering is required in the simulation production process. Simsoft, on the other hand, can fulfill this requirement thanks to its industry experience and efficient use of technology it has accumulated over many years. Veysi İşler states that one of the most critical points that separate simulations and games are truthfulness.

While producing these simulations, many technologies that can also be used in games, such as 3D modeling, are used. This situation causes a team that develops simulations to have sufficient infrastructure to develop games.

Stating that they aimed to make games before this simulation adventure started, İşler says that they also developed games under the name of Simofun. The developer team developed three-dimensional and real-time games years ago. These developed games were requested to be realistic to be close to the simulation logic. “We wanted to make serious games,” explains Veysi İşler. As it can be understood, one of the aims of the games developed by the company was to use these games for educational purposes.

Ambulance First is one of the games developed by Simsoft, whose aim is really to be “just a game”. After the development process of this project was completed, marketing studies were not carried out. İşler explains the reason for this as follows:

“We made this game, and right after, a new game project came to us. Everything about the incoming project was ready, and we had to complete it. That’s why we left Ambulance First and moved on.”

Many years have passed since these projects. Stating that it was not very likely to find investors as of that date, İşler says they had to do everything themselves. For this reason, the company has various games that it produces but does not continue to invest for various reasons. After these other attempts, the company may have plans for the hyper-casual type.

After all these experiences, Veysi İşler started his own initiative, The Game Circle. Our speaker expresses the purpose of the project as follows:

“Here, we provide training for entrepreneurs with a certain game development experience. We assist these people in topics such as receiving investment, mentoring, accelerating projects, and networking. We accept applications for game design, modeling, graphic design, software, and marketing.”

Different services are provided to the applicants in line with their experiences. You can find much more information on the subject in the video we prepared for you with the explanation of Veysi İşler.

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