Digital fashion platform Sknups raised $3.5M in pre-seed funding

New digital fashion platform Sknups has announced that it has raised $3.5 million in its pre-seed funding round.
Sknups Dolce Gabbana
Sknups has raised $3.5 million in pre-seed funding.

Digital fashion platform Sknups has raised $3.5 million in funding and announced its gaming partnership with world-renowned fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana.

Sknups is a London-based metaverse platform where gamers can own the latest digital fashion collections. Their products are interactive and fully NFT compatible. The company wants to empower Web3 gamers by allowing them to wear their favorite “SKNs” in other meta experiences and video games.

Funding was provided by the participation of funds such as Redrice Ventures, Blue Wire Capital, and Adelpha. Celebrating the Dolce & Gabbana partnership with a special gift on their website, Sknups also published an article sharing its visions on this path with its followers.

Launched in private open beta in December of 2021, Sknups has since partnered with young street designers and many global fashion brands. Sknups CEO Fred Speirs said the following about the partnerships in an interview with GamesBeat:

“We saw the opportunity for brands to move more in a digital world to connect better with Gen Z consumers in the places where they were having fun and socializing. And that’s happening so much in games now. It was the excitement of how do you bring those two worlds closer together.”

Luke Alvarez, the Co-Founder of Hiro Capital, serves as Co-Founder and President of Sknups. In addition, Robb Chiarini, who works in esports management positions at companies such as Ubisoft, IGN, Blizzard, helps the company with the game ecosystem and its connections with game publishers. Other founders include Speirs, Simon Low, and gaming tech innovator Alistair Hopkins. The team consists of 20 people scattered around the world, mostly in London.

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