Solana Ventures, Forte and Griffin Gaming to invest $150M in blockchain gaming

Blockchain leaders are preparing to invest $150 million in NFT games.
Solana Griffin Forte investment
Partnerships are emerging that could shape the blockchain gaming world.

Solana Ventures, Forte, and Griffin Gaming Partners announced that they would invest $150 million in blockchain gaming. The purpose of the investment is to support new play-to-earn and NFT games to be developed on the Solana blockchain.

The number of NFT games and projects on the blockchain has grown throughout this year. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the blockchain, more studios started developing crypto-focused games. The new systems offer new monetization methods for developers and players alike.

Solana blockchain is frequently used in NFT and crypto-based games. Investor companies set out to increase the scope of this use and support new initiatives. A total investment of 150 million dollars is planned. We often hear the name Solana Ventures in NFT investment news. This time, Forte, who is in the investor position, recently received an investment of 750 million dollars. On the other hand, Griffin Gaming Partners is known for the size of the fund it has allocated for gaming investments.

Matthew Beck, the partner of Solana Ventures, said in a statement:

“The ecosystem is still defining what the intersection of blockchain and gaming looks like. And I’m delighted to partner with Forte and Griffin Gaming Partners to help support this new generation of game designers and builders.”

In the play-to-earn ecosystem, players create a financial system by buying and selling crypto assets and NFTs. This system is very profitable for developers and gamers. Pierre Planche, the partner of Griffin Gaming Partners, said the following about the partnership:

“Gaming and interactive media would not be a cornerstone of blockchain today if it weren’t for the many technical developments the community has accomplished in the past decade — Solana is a premier example, having helped pave the way with scalability and UX fit to match these demanding experiences.”

Here, the importance of Forte comes to the fore as a platform that enables NFT systems to be easily integrated into games. Forte CEO Josh Williams said:

“Blockchain is enabling publishers to engage with their player bases in innovative ways. Where game developers once had to continuously create new content for players to consume as one-time purchases, with the advent of NFTs and other blockchain technologies, game developers can now offer their audiences real property rights and create self-sustaining and thriving economies within their games.”

Additionally, CEO Josh Williams says they are happy to partner with Solana and Griffin Gaming. The three blockchain giants NFT have made many contributions to the game industry so far. Now, they aim to reshape play-to-earn, NFT, and crypto-based games by making new investments together.

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