Sony acquires esports tournament platform

SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) acquired to strengthen its position in the esports market.
PlayStation and Repeat GG logos

With its growing interests in esports, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the acquisition of, one of the largest esports tournament platforms worldwide.

Related: Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima sold almost 10m copies worldwide creates esports tournaments where players can compete for cash prizes across League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and PUBG at the moment, however, the number of supported competitive games will most likely change soon enough after the acquisition as the whole PlayStation portfolio of games will be open to the platform soon enough.

The platform also organizes competitions in which players don’t have to be online at the same time. PlayStation can make great use of this competition type, for instance, turning God of War’s Valkyrie fights into a price competition based on how fast players defeat the bosses.

Rewards are also offered to players based on their performance on the esports platform, but the company now aims for even more. Jeff Shull, Digital Marketing & Growth Manager of Repeat. gg says with Sony backing them up they can grow the esports product with plenty of new features and “create a home for players where everyone has a chance to compete and win.”

Sony has been active in the PC games market and the tech giant hopes to earn over $300 million from PC sales alone this year. The company also closed the acquisition of Bungie just yesterday and welcomed the studio into the PlayStation family. will continue to operate on PC and mobile as well as the other consoles, and boost Sony’s PC games market numbers.

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