Sony has created a PlayStation preservation team

Sony is establishing a preservation team to transfer the old generation games to the new generation.
Sony Preservation
Sony is establishing a preservation team to transfer its past games to the next generation.

According to the information seen on the LinkedIn profile of Garrett Fredley, who joined Sony‘s PlayStation unit as a Senior Build Engineer, Sony is establishing a preservation team. Fredley, who previously worked at Electronic Arts and mobile developer Kabam, will be responsible for hiring employees for the newly formed team.

Last month Sony introduced the new version of the PS Plus subscription. One of the subscription packages will include classic titles from PS1, PS2, PSP, and some PS3 titles. Therefore, establishing the preservation team seems like a natural move for the company.


While other game companies, notably Nintendo, similarly do not support the preservation of games, Sony‘s main competitor Microsoft has offered a game catalog for the Xbox Series X|S that includes older generation games released on its platform to date. Finally, Sony listened to the voices and announced that although it closed the PSP store on July 2, 2021, the PS3 and Vita stores will remain open.

Although it is not yet clear in which areas Sony will turn the team’s attention to, we can say that it will benefit PS5 owners who want to play games from previous generations in the future. The console can currently play PS4 games.

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