Souq raises $3.3M in a funding round led by Kickstart Fund and Infinity Ventures Crypto

Souq quickly gained attention with the platform it developed to enable gamers to manage their portfolio of Web3 gaming assets easily.
Souq raises 3,3 million dollar
Players will be able to track their crypto assets from a single platform.

Souq G-Commerce announced it has raised $3.3 million from its pre-seed investment round and launched the beta version of its next-generation portfolio management platform. Souq’s platform will enable players to manage their blockchain gaming assets more efficiently in the evolving Web3 world.

The funding round was led by the Kickstart Fund and Infinity Ventures Crypto. Operate, Moon Holdings, Ellipti Ventures, Perpetual Value Partners, Himanshu Sahay & Partners, Sterling VC, Evernew Capital, and BBQ Capital were among the participants in the round.

Souq will use the money raised from the funding round to scale its new portfolio management platform. The company will lead Web3 players to track their blockchain assets from a single app. Souq will present many statistics on this service, so players will be able to find the information they are looking for on a single platform.

souq portfolio manager
On Souq’s platform, players will be able to track their Web3 assets easily.

One platform instead of many games and wallets!

The number of Web3 games is increasing day by day. Every Web3 game has its own NFTs and cryptocurrencies. In addition, these crypto-assets can be linked to different blockchains and wallets. For this reason, it can become quite difficult for players interested in multiple Web3 games to track and manage these assets. Souq wants to offer a solution to precisely this problem.

Players will be able to check the NFT and cryptocurrency values of different games on this new portfolio management platform. In addition, there will be much additional information, such as the current status of gaming communities on the platform. Souq also wants to turn this platform into a game-oriented economy ecosystem where players and player communities can generate income over time. This means that the platform, which for now only offers information about blockchain games and investments, may turn into a trading marketplace over time.

Ken Berkowitz, Souq Product Manager, said in a statement on the matter:

“These new economies require that players have more information rights than Web2 games. We are positioning Souq to be the one-stop-shop for information about holdings and game economies.

The company’s CEO, JonPaul Vega, added:

“Players connect wallets across any blockchain, and in less than 30 seconds, we help them understand what they own, what it’s worth, and the health of the game’s economies that they participate in. Think Robinhood for video games.”

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