Square Enix and Enjin partner up to make Final Fantasy NFTs

Square Enix reveals Final Fantasy action figures which are also NFTs for the game’s 25th anniversary.
Final Fantasy VII heroe Cloud's action figure which is also an NFT

The Japanese video games and publishing giant’s adventure with Web3 has been a rough ride so far. Back in May 2022, Square Enix sold three of its studios to Embracer Group stating that the transaction will benefit the acceleration of investments in areas such as Web3, AI, and the cloud. However, just a month after that Square Enix announced that the money company earned from studio sales won’t go to blockchain or similar projects.

After all the back and forth, Square Enix finally took a “very measured” approach and announced a partnership with Enjin to release Final Fantasy NFTs. The publisher will join forces with blockchain gaming company Enjin to release NFT versions of the action figures (real ones) and trading cards.

The physical toys are made by Bring Arts, and the first example company showed is the hero of Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife. The action figures are available for pre-order now and they’re set to release next year. You can check out the figure on SE’s official store.

The trading cards will come with codes redeemable on Enjin’s Efinity platform, built on the Polkadot blockchain. Cloud Strife’s physical toy has two different versions, one called “standard” and the other “digital plus”, however, only the latter offers the NFT version of the toy and it’s priced at $160, while the standard variation costs $30 less.

The Japanese firm also invested in Blacknut for cloud gaming about a month ago, but details of the deal weren’t disclosed. While Square Enix is open to more Web3 projects, another video games giant Mojang declared that NFTs and blockchains have no place in Minecraft for the foreseeable future.

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