StageZero raises $1.8 million in investment

StageZero has raised $1.8 million to reward players who participate in in-app missions that generate valuable AI training data.
StageZero brings a new solution to AI learning.

StageZero, a technology platform, combines artificial intelligence and mobile gaming rewards. The $1.8 million funding will help StageZero expand its team, improve product efficiency, and help companies quickly and easily develop AI systems ethically.

To date, companies developing artificial intelligence have faced several data collection difficulties. The delivery time of the data required for machine learning was quite long. Now, StageZero will add in-app “microtasks” to mobile games, significantly shortening the data retrieval process.

Despite the problems faced by artificial intelligence companies, the industry continues to grow rapidly. According to Memory Leak, the AI education data market will reach $5 billion by 2023, and the industry will increase by 31% each year.

StageZero will place micro-tasks into mobile games will be systems where users can earn in-game rewards. Micro-tasks will reward the player and quickly collect data for AI.

Denver-based Konvoy Ventures led the investment round. The investment also includes investors such as Turkish venture studio Ludus, blockchain firm Hyperamp, Into Ventures, Nordic Game Ventures, Alexis Bonte (Stillfront Group COO), Andrew Sheppard (Transcend’s chief executive officer), and Wilhelm Taht (senior vice president at GSN).

Founded in 2016, StageZero has raised $2.8 million to this day. After the last investment, Jackson Vaughan, managing partner of Konvoy Ventures, joined the company’s board of directors.

AI data collection tasks are designed for AI to recognize objects. Players will draw shapes around various objects and label them, and this data will be taught to the AI. In this way, the AI will accurately recognize the data.

An example of an in-game quest

StageZero’s system is 100% compliant with data privacy laws, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, this system has higher accuracy and lower cost compared to competing for AI training systems. Thomas Forss, CEO of StageZero, said in a statement:

“We are accelerating the AI revolution, with our technology providing value across the entire chain. With our technology, companies can source AI training quickly, while gamers have their user experience enhanced. y harnessing the power of mobile gamers, a segment which continues to grow rapidly, we will drive rapid, yet ethical, technological progress through data, and with this funding we are now ready to significantly expand our team and refine our product.”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies continue to develop day by day. It is a smart solution to take advantage of the data provided by mobile players during this development. Thus, a system suitable for both the player’s experience and the development of artificial intelligence is developed.

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