Storm The World Hyper-Casual Mobile Game Competition returns

Big competition with a big prize!
storm the world hyper-casual mobile game competition
Storm The World: A hyper-casual mobile game competition by Storms Publishing.

Hyper-casual mobile game (HCG) publisher Storms Publishing launched the second edition of its Storm The World HCG competition, with a total prize pool of US$560,000 and exclusive publishing contracts.

Storm The World was first held in January 2021 with an aim to supercharge the growth of high-potential indie mobile game developers around the world that have yet to be discovered. Following its successful first run, Storm The World competition is back and now accepts game submissions until Sunday, 15 August 2021; 23.59 (GMT+8).

 Storms CEO David Yin
Storms CEO David Yin

David Yin, CEO of Storms, said,

“We saw 250 game submissions from 17 countries in the inaugural edition of the Storm The World competition. Seeing the enthusiasm and promising results in its first run, we decided to bring the competition back with more attractive prizes to win to further supercharge the global gaming ecosystem.”

The top 10 games will be announced at the end of August, and the winners in the final round will be revealed in mid-October 2021. Submissions will be judged based on the game’s originality, production quality, and market fit by the competition jury that comprises experts across areas such as game design, monetization, and user acquisition (UA) from Storms, Facebook and Adjust. 

Judges of Storm The World
Judges of Storm The World

Facebook’s Managing Director of APAC Gaming, Sandhya Devanathan, said,

“At Facebook, our mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Specifically, on Gaming, we want to support the development of a diverse and inclusive gaming ecosystem. Storms’ second run of the ‘Storm the World’ offers a great platform for the industry to uncover high-quality game developers, help them innovate, and connect the world with their best games.”

Collaboration opportunities with industry experts

Besides being awarded cash prizes, the studios that progress to the Top 10 will be working hand-in-hand with Storms’ experts to run UA testing during the final round. Depending on the test results, they will have the opportunity to unlock more prizes including:

  • First Prize (for one winner): US$100,000 cash prize for the first game submission that gets published by Storms as part of the contest 
  • Runners-up (for up to nine runners-up): US$50,000 cash prize for all other game submissions that get published by Storms as part of the contest

In addition, there are potential bonus prizes for other games which have performed well during game testing.

Game developers can submit an unlimited number of games as long as they meet the game submission criteria including:

  • The games have not been tested with Storms before;
  • Available on either the Google Play Store and/or the Apple App Store;
  • Have a playable demo — an APK or TestFlight with at least 7-10 mins gameplay, and;
  • Have gone through cost per installation tests and integration with an analytics tool such as Firebase (preferred not mandatory)

Hyper-casual gaming developers and studios can learn more about how they can participate in the Storm The World competition here:

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