Super Rare Games launches indie publishing label Super Rare Originals

Super Rare Games launched Super Rare Originals, their new label devoted to indie developers.
Super Rare Games have its own indie publishing label now.

According to a report of, Super Rare Games has launched a publishing label to supply independent developers and kickstart their games. They will operate such activities under the name of Super Rare Originals from now on.

The new label started fast by hiring a couple of names, including Curve Digital founder Jason Perkins. They already signed some titles, including Completely Stretchy, Lone Ruin, The Gecko Gods, Grapple Dog, and Post Void.

In his interview with, Super Rare Games’ spokesperson said that this new label will focus exclusively on indie games and added the following:

“Super Rare’s mission statement has always been about supporting indies, and we see original games publishing as the next logical step for us .We’re in a really good, stable place with our core Super Rare Games physical business at the moment, and if I’m honest we just really want to be able to be even closer to games on the development side.”

Ryan Brown, Super Rare Games’ spokesperson.

While Super Rare Originals is not the first label that supports indie developers, it highlights its mission to increase smaller titles’ viewability.

“We’re in the fortunate and unique position of being sustainable with our Super Rare Games physical releases and currently, we’re able to use those funds to develop and publish new titles. There’s obviously much greater costs and resources involved with Originals than our physical release setup, so of course the hope is that Originals titles will themselves be profitable and sustain us reinvesting into brand new projects.”

Ryan Brown, Super Rare Games’ spokesperson.

Super Rare Originals will support the development of indies on board, regardless of their stage. Company will give full support to those games.

“Our stable physical business pays our wage, and we’re not motivated by becoming rich. All we’ve ever wanted was to work in games and we’re fulfilled by working on stuff we’re proud of. We’re proud of every game we’ve signed and believe we have what it takes to make them roaring successes, but even if a game didn’t, we’ll still be there supporting the developer long-term. Our goal is to really highlight our indie developer friends and help make their brilliant games a success for them.”

Ryan Brown, Super Rare Games’ spokesperson.

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