Supercell acquires majority stake in Trailmix after $60 million in financing

Trailmix, the developer of Love & Pies, has landed on mobile gaming giant Supercell’s radar.
Love and pies Trailmix Supercell
Trailmix will continue to keep its focus on Love & Pies.

Mobile game giant Supercell has announced that it has acquired a majority stake in London-based mobile game developer Trailmix. The company launched Love & Pies in September of 2021. According to the news released by PocketGamer, the announcement of the share purchase came after the financing of $ 60 million.

It has been announced that Trailmix will continue to act independently after the high percentage of shares purchased by Supercell. The London developer was already supported by Supercell. In 2018, mobile game giant Supercell provided $4.2 million in financing to Trailmix. After the new investment of 60 million dollars, the business bond between Supercell and Trailmix has also been strengthened.

Carolin Krenzer, Co-Founder and CEO of Trailmix, told PocketGamer:

“The connection with Supercell has been considered one of mutual respect and mutual studying over the previous few years. There may be a lot information change between Supercell and its investee corporations – they’ve constructed such an unimaginable portfolio of corporations and we’re wanting ahead to proceed working very carefully with all of them.”

After the investment, Trailmix wants to continue focusing on Love & Pies. Kenzer underlines that the metrics of their games are pretty good and says that they are looking for new participants for the team.

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